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Here at Linaker Children's Centre we are extremely proud of our nursery and what it achieves.
In a secure but challenging environment the children at Tree House Nursery are supported to play and explore, to take risks and engage in enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

We believe that play underpins all learning and development in young children. By sensitively observing and reflecting on children's spontaneous play, the staff are able to plan first hand experiences that are appropriate to the developmental stage and interests of each child and thereby support and extend progress in all areas of learning.

We place high priority on children's emotional well being. To ensure that the children are happy, secure and confident in nursery, each child is allocated a key person. This member of staff becomes the child's 'special person' when their parent can't be there.

As parents you want, and are entitled to, the highest quality of care and education for your child. Here at Tree House Nursery we will provide you with a uniquely high level of quality, expertise and reassurance.
Our staff are qualified and experienced and have been employed not just for their expertise and professionalism but also for their individual qualities and strengths.
Tree House Nursery staff are dedicated to providing you and your child an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding nursery experience.