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Linaker Kid's Club

Welcome to the Linaker Kid's Club page! 

Our Kid's Club provides high quality childcare for children aged between 4 and 11 years of age throughout the day and throughout the year. Kid's Club staff are qualified and experienced in providing opportunities that are interesting and appropriate for children of such a wide age range.


Breakfast Club:
Parents can drop their children off from 8.00am. The children are provided with a healthy breakfast and are encouraged to engage in a range of fun, stimulating activities that will ensure the they are ready, physically and mentally, for a busy day in school.
Younger children will be escorted to their classes by staff at the beginning of the school day.


After School Club:
Children are collected from their classes by staff and taken to the Kid's Club where they are provided with a light tea. Kid's Club offers a balance of child initiated activities and opportunities that have been planned by staff to meet the children's needs and interests. There is always the option that they can choose to 'chill out' after a hard day at school. Staff will support children with their home work and are always available for a story or a chat.


Holiday Club:
Our holiday club is open to everyone in our community. Parents can be confident that their children will safe, secure and have lots of fun during school holidays.
Staff and children plan activities together and ensure that there is a good balance of indoor and outdoor experiences that truly reflect the children's interests.
Children and staff benefit from trips to places of interest in the local area and sometimes further afield!